The Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition (CPPC) is a network of over 60 marine conservation & environmental groups in Cornwall. The CPPC delivers FREE Marine Conservation/Plastic Pollution assemblies, workshops and presentations to schools, colleges and youth/children’s groups across Cornwall. These sessions are delivered as outreach sessions at each school/college/group’s own premises, or as Virtual Visits using web-conferencing platforms such as Zoom. The workshops aim to develop:

  • a basic awareness of the issue of global marine plastic pollution
  • an appreciation of the extent of litter and debris in our sea, and around our coastline
  • an understanding of the different types of plastics that pollute our sea and our beaches, where they originate from, how long they persist in the environment, and the harm they can cause to wildlife
  • intra and interpersonal skills in relation to feelings of animals affected by plastic pollution (music & role play activity for younger pupils)
  • science skills in determining buoyancy properties of plastics, and degradation timescales
  • artistic and imaginative skills in reconstructing, and drawing, flotsam characters from plastic parts
  • literacy skills in developing a collaborative story

Sessions comprise visual and oral input, and a variety of fun and engaging activities with each workshop being carefully tailored to suit ages, abilities, and group size.

For more information, or to enquire about booking a workshop or Virtual Visit please email 

Click on the video to see Delia introducing and singing “The Plastic Bag Song”  during a virtual lesson