The Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition delivers FREE Marine Conservation & Plastic Pollution assemblies, workshops and presentations to schools, colleges and youth/children’s groups across Cornwall and some areas of Devon.

These sessions are delivered as outreach sessions at each school/college/group’s own premises, and they aim to develop:

  • a basic awareness of the issue of global marine plastic pollution
  • an appreciation of the extent of litter and debris in our sea, and around our coastline
  • an understanding of the different types of plastics that pollute our sea and our beaches, where they originate from, how long they persist in the environment, and the harm they can cause to wildlife
  • intra and interpersonal skills in relation to feelings of animals affected by plastic pollution (music & role play activity for younger pupils)
  • science skills in determining buoyancy properties of plastics, and degradation timescales
  • artistic and imaginative skills in reconstructing, and drawing, flotsam characters from plastic parts
  • literacy skills in developing a collaborative story

Sessions comprise visual and oral input, and a variety of fun and engaging activities with each workshop being carefully tailored to suit ages, abilities, and group size.

With the popularity of programmes such as Blue Planet, schools and youth groups have been asking if we can connect them with providers who can deliver sessions on topics relating to marine plastic pollution. These topics are particularly relevant for students and schools in Devon and Cornwall given our special coastal location.

Sessions involve a variety of fun and engaging activities with each workshop being carefully tailored to suit ages, abilities, and group size. Though based in Cornwall, the CPPC would also consider running sessions in Devon.


Stratton Primary School, Beth Whiley KS1 Lead

“We felt that the day was very appropriate for the age of the children and lots of different activities were provided to make sure they were engaged at all times. All the volunteers were brilliant with the children and were very engaged in asking the children appropriate questions that really made them think. The demonstrations (particularly with lego and the cuddly toys) were really engaging and the children were ‘buzzing’ about this for the rest of the week!”

St Cleer Primary School, Rebecca Parris Year 4 Teacher

“It was amazing – the children were fully engaged. It was nice to have the children moving about and looking at things, singing a song and doing actions – the more the better.

The children have been talking about this important message around the School. It was good to have a whole school assembly – not easy to do, but it was delivered really well.

The amount of resources brought in were fantastic and the plastic sculpture made a really powerful impact.

The level of passion and dedication by the team shone through and the message was hit home in a powerful, but age- appropriate way. It was positive. I like the fact that it was non-patronising. The children were told that they could do something about it. It was honest.”

Pool Academy, Jack Jones, STEM Co-ordinator KS3

“Really well organised event, which stimulated discussion and reflection amongst students.

Simple, but effective resources were used throughout the day and a wealth of additional reading resources were provided.

Given us greater awareness and appreciation for the importance of recycling, and greater appreciation for Cornwall, its coasts and its wealth of marine life.”

Key Stages covered:  KS1, KS2, KS3

Age suitability: 5-7 yr olds, 7-11 yr olds, 11-14 yr olds,

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certification: Yes

Topics: Conservation, Marine life, oceans, Plastic pollution, Recycling, Rivers and coasts, STEM



KS1 Sample Lesson Plan

KS2 Sample Lesson Plan

If you are interested in having a workshop or want to know more then contact Delia Webb either through the contact form or email address.